About Giff
A design addict with his own image file format...
...not really, but close enough!

A bit about me...

I'm a creative digital media and graphic designer, with over 15 years experience across a range of sectors & great brands.

I'm really proud of my experience, however I still believe that you're only as good as your last piece of work. From print to marketing, digital/web/app and service design, every brief and project is an opportunity to make something truly great.

From scope and approach to definition and execution, I work bloody hard to ensure business and user needs are at the heart of the every solution.

I'f I'm not at my desk or in a workshop with clients, I'm out running. I recently found the fitness bug and took part in my first ToughMudder last year... I must be crazy as I'm going back for more.

Web Design
Ideation & Workshops
Marketing Communications
Digital Strategy
Creative Direction

Orange Bus

As Creative Director at Orange Bus, I oversee a fantastic design team & creative execution across the agency.

Orange Bus make digital interactions work for everyone. I've been working with Orange Bus now for 8 years to drive user-centric design principals, advise on the use of emerging technology and deliver a diverse set of digital services to clients across multiple sectors.

Check them out at orangebus.co.uk


Creative Director - Orange Bus.

Head of New Media - Allmedia Ltd.

Designer - Armadillo Creative.

Looking to make something great?

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